Hey there! I’m A. Finch and I’m super excited that you’ve stopped by.

3 Fun facts!

1. I live in sunny SoCal, California, so close to Disneyland that I can hear the fireworks go off each night–annoying, but you get used to it.
2. SoCal is one of my favorite places, but I’ve lived all over the country: Minnesota, Florida, Maryland, and New Mexico! At this point the only corner of the country I have left to conquer the northwest, which I guess means I need to move to Seattle next. Bring it on!
3. I got my driver’s license at the ripe old age of 31.

About this blog

I’ve been blogging at Here There Be Books for since 2008 (with a big gap during graduate school). I started blogging in my second year in college, when the internet was still relatively new and shiny and book blogging was the hot new thing. We’re all a little older now, but blogging is still fun and books are still great!

My very first post was a review of Mick Farren’s A Time of Feasting, a 1990s vampire horror novel. Nowadays I don’t read that many books about vampires OR a whole heap of horror, but I still enjoy a good speculative fiction novel.

As on 2022, I’ve switched focus to queer SFF romances, as that’s really all I’ve been reading for the last few years. It’s also less of a book blog nowadays and more of a book database. I’m hoping to turn Here There Be Books into a resource for other people who enjoy queer SFF romances and want to find more of them.