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Tidying up for the Book Blogger Organization Challenge

blog organization It’s a new month which means it’s a new theme for the Book Blogger Organization Challenge! Huzzah!
January’s focus was on scheduling, planning, and making goals. Check out my post for more about that!
February’s focus is on blog maintenance. I actually tend to straighten things up around her regularly (it’s harder to STOP fiddling, tbh), but there are a few things I’d like to work on this month:

  1. update at least 10 old reviews. I still have quite a few reviews that haven’t been formatted to use my beloved Ultimate Book Blogger plugin (affiliate link), which means they aren’t in my review archives and are thus harder to find. Also, quite a few of them have broken links and images, which is fugly.
  2. speaking of: check for broken links and images! I am pretty sure I have a plugin somewhere around here which will do it in a snap. Just gotta remember which one it is…
  3. update anything that says “Birdbrain(ed) Book Blog” (my old blog name). Mostly just to keep things consistent!
  4. jazz up my header? I always want to jazz up my header, and then I end up regretting it. Right now I don’t even HAVE a header, just fancy font. What do you think: do I need a header? Yes? No? Eh.

Do you need to tidy up your blog? My recommendation is to go through your front page and click EVERY link. Every button, every social media thing, every menu item. Make sure it works the way you think it’s working– you might be surprised at how often things go awry!


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