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Book Expo America 2013 Day 2 Recap

Good news! My first box of books showed up yesterday afternoon. Huzzah! I’ve decided to do a video showcasing the books I got; that should be up tomorrow, if I can figure out how to edit it. No sign yet of boxes 2 and 3, but hopefully they’ll show up tomorrow so I can do another video this weekend. Yay!

May 31, 2013

Me, waiting in line near the exhibit hall.

Day 2 of BEA started off much the same as Day 1, only this time I talked to some really nice people in the line into the exhibit hall. One of those people was Kris Alice Hohls, the founder of Germany’s only print romance magazine, Loveletter. So cool!
The first signing I went to was for Alethea Kontis’ Hero. I’d actually gotten a copy of the first/companion book (Enchanted) the day before, and Ms. Kontis is super sparkly (literally) and nice and lovely. I think she was a little in shock about how long her line for Hero was.
Guess what? While waiting in the Hero line, I ran into a lady I’d met at the 2011 BEA– and she remembered me, too! Isn’t that great? I love how many connections you can make with people at BEA, and how long those connections can last.
Anyway, my favorite signing thingy that day was with Lyndsay Faye (for The Gods of Gotham). She wrote one of my favorite Sherlock Holmes pastiches, Dust and Shadow, so I was REALLY excited to get her new book signed. I told her that I loved S&D and that I stalked her on Twitter, and she gave me a high five and showed me her Believe in Sherlock bracelet. Yay! Gods of Gotham
Somewhere around this time I spotted Tahereh Mafi— she was wearing a bright green hijab and matching shoes, so it wasn’t hard to do! 😉 I think she was my biggest celebrity sighting of the whole expo.
After the expo was done I raced to the post office to send off my books. I had such a hard time carrying my huge box with ALL my books last time that I decided to send smaller boxes every day instead. It’s more expensive, but at least I could do it without wanting to die. The line was SO. LONG. Holy crap. I was in it for at least 40 minutes; it was practically all the way back to the far door when I left.
DSCN1249 This meant that I was going to be late to the book blogger picnic in Central Park— that, plus getting a tiny bit lost on the subway meant I was an hour late. But I got there! And I saw bloggers! I saw Midnyte Reader, for instance, which was really great because we actually first met at BEA 2011! I didn’t get everyone’s business cards, unfortunately, but it was really cool knowing that everyone there was a book blogger anyway. We’re so spread out that any excuse to get together and talk blogging is one that I’m totally down for.
I never know how to end these posts, so…the end! Day 3’s recap will be up tomorrow, along with the video (hopefully).

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