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Mini Reviews: Masks: Rise of Heroes, Masks: Evolution, The Battle of the Labyrinth

So, er, I’m way behind on reviews, this week is finals and I’m going on vacation next week! Either I have to write reviews really quickly or I have to write shorter ones– and since I can’t seem to put a coherent post together lately, I’m choosing the latter option. Ahem.
(Idea totally stolen from Swapna, btw.)
Masks ROHMasks: Rise of Heroes by Hayden Thorne
Publication: Prizm Books (June 17, 2008), ebook / ISBN 160370356X (pbook)
Genre: YA, Romance, Sci-Fi, GLBT
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In one sentence: Juno meets Superman meets But I’m A Cheerleader!
A bit jumbled, with cliches abound and so-so writing, but the characters are likable and I actually have a huge thing for best friends falling in love, so I liked it. Unusual amount of public transportation for such a small town, though. The superhero thing was interesting but secondary to the romance aspect (though it does play a bigger part later).
Masks EVOMasks: Evolution by Hayden Thorne
Publication: Torquere Press (January 13, 2009), ebook / ISBN 9781603705813
Genre: YA, Romance, Sci-Fi, GLBT
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In one sentence: Better than the first, with a little more depth.
Little bit better written than the first book, though it still reminds me of some high schooler’s fanfiction. Emotions run deeper, characters have some growth, and exciting things happen. A bit angst-y and emo-ish, but it fits with the characters’ ages. Superhero bits have a bigger part in the plot, thankfully, but the new villains were kinda WTF. Nevertheless, an excellent installment; can’t wait to read the third!
Percy Jackson 4The Battle of the Labyrinth by Rick Riordan
Publication: Hyperion Book CH (May 6, 2008), 368 pages / ISBN 1423101464
Genre: Urban Fantasy, Action/Adventure, YA
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Challenges: 2009 Support Your Local Library Challenge (#11)
Series: Book #1 | Book #2 | Book #3 | Book #4 (you’re here!)
In one sentence: A return to awesome.
Liked this installment much more than the previous two. It felt like the first book again, except a little bit more mature. Character development, emotions that actually seemed real, decent quest and villains, and the ending was fantastic (and sweet). Weird instance where a female dog was called a “him,” but if it can happen to Chaucer it can happen to anyone. I’m glad the series picked itself back up; can’t wait to read the next (and, sadly, last) book.

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