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Lady Knight by L.J. Baker (2007)

Lady Knight by L.J. Baker (2007)Lady Knight by L.J. Baker Published: Self-Published on 2007, eBook, 323 pages
Genres: Fantasy, Fiction, Romance
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Rhiannon, outcast and female knight, seeks a cause worthy of a chivalric hero in a medieval world of magic and misogyny. Eleanor, a wealthy widow, has given up all hero of finding passionate love and her perfect knight—until she meets Rhiannon. Aveline, a powerful priestess, needs a warrior for her secret mission of starting a holy war. She binds Rhiannon with double-edged oaths and a magical sword. A love affair worthy of troueroours' songs clashes with loyalty, intrigue, ambition, and war, tangling the three women in a web that perhaps not even Rhiannon's sword can cut through.

Show me a story about a lady knight who falls in love with a noblewoman and I will show you MY HEART omfg this was so good! Crazy stressful, because it’s set in pseudo-medieval times where everybody is against a woman knight (even if she can kick all y’all’s asses) and nobody wants a rich noblewoman to date her and there is ALSO a religious fanatic who wants to start a holy war and it’s so, so stressful.
I had two major emotions while reading Lady Knight: ecstatic and depressed. The first half of the book is full of cute falling-in-love scenes; I couldn’t stop smiling and being happy and clutching my iPad to my chest in glee. Rhiannon is the rare female woobie and it was SO satisfying watching her find her match.
The second half is where it starts to go wrong. MAJORLY WRONG. I was no longer smiling and in fact I may have cried a little. View Spoiler » Rhiannon and Eleanor have to go through so much crap! It made me so sad, because I really liked them and all I wanted was for them to be happy.
So, yes, the characters were great! The romance was great. The worldbuilding was…confusing? It’s pseudo-medieval England, yes, but it’s also a fantasy world where the main god is actually a goddess. That’s the main difference between our world and theirs; the other differences are mostly little things that made me go “huh?” Like how apparently hearts are removed from corpses before burial, for example.
But I’ll be honest: I didn’t really care about the setting. I was into Rhiannon and Eleanor’s friendship/romance. Everything else was secondary! And it worked out fine because that’s where the focus of the book is, too.
Read: May 9-12, 2015


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