Review Policy

Review Policy | FTC Disclaimer

Review Policy

NOTICE: I am currently ONLY reviewing books from NetGalley/Edelweiss. I most likely won’t respond to email pitches. Thanks!
Revised last: September 26, 2016

What I can do

Assuming I’ve received it in time and have read it, I will try to post a review of a book within a month of its publication. If it’s a backlist book it may take up to two-three months for me to read and review it.
If I can’t finish reading a book for whatever reason I won’t bother writing a review, but I will try to pass it on (if it’s a paper book) to another book reviewer for them to read.
On books I don’t want to keep: ARCs will be given to other bloggers to read, or donated to the library/a school. Ebooks will be deleted after I’ve read them (or given up on reading them). Finished books will either be given away to other bloggers or donated to the library/a school.

What I can’t do

I can’t guarantee that I will

  • finish reading a book
  • like the book
  • write a review quickly.

Types of books accepted for review

I read and review the following genres of books:

  • romance
  • fantasy
  • sci-fi
  • mystery
  • certain non-fiction (mostly travel memoirs or humorous autobiograpies, seems like)

and I strongly prefer GLBTQ books.
I DON’T like: picture books, spiritual/religious books, self-help, thrillers, political thrillers.
I read both adult and YA-age books. I read SOME MG/children’s but they tend to be classics (Roald Dahl, Diana Wynne Jones, etc.).
I’m on NetGalley and Edelweiss and I LOVE eARCS!

Other promotional stuff

I am interested in doing author guest posts, interviews, giveaways and tours, but I need to read the book before agreeing to anything concrete (except for tours, obviously). If you have time constraints on something, please get the book to me at least a few weeks before questions/discussion ideas/etc. need to be submitted.
I’m NOT interested in cover reveals or blitz things, fyi.

FTC Disclaimer

I do not receive any compensation for any review that appears on this blog.
I am a member of Amazon’s affiliate programs. Almost every link to Amazon will be associated with my affiliate account. I get a small amount of money if you end up buying a book using my links; I use that money to buy more books.
Starting October 2009, all reviews will have a “source” notation at the top, with the rest of the book info. “Publisher/author” means I got a review copy from one of those sources, “library” means I checked the book out (for free) from one of my local libraries, and “bought” means I bought the book myself. If it was a freebie ebook it’ll say where I got it for free from, too.