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The Only Option by Megan Derr

What a sweet little book! I wasn’t sure what to expect with this book, partly because the cover and the series name makes it look like a much darker book than it actually is. It looks like it’s full of drama and depressing things and angst, but it’s almost completely the opposite. I mean, there’s still a little angst, but it’s the good kind, the delicious kind that makes the sweet goopy parts that much more fun.

It also has many of my favorite story elements: grumpy dudes being pursued by rays of sunshine; dragons!; wizards!; accidental/forced marriage; road trips; and pining. So much pining! I’m a huge sucker for pining– as long as it ends happily, of course– and I”m especially a sucker for pining between the aforementioned grumpy/sunshine characters.

Rochus and Tilo are so adorkable, and I so wish there were more books with them! They’re sweet, and this story was comfortably fluffy– with just a little angst to keep things from tipping over into cotton candy land. Loved it!

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