Very quick reviews: September 2015

So it was at this point of the year where I started reading a TON of romance books. This happened for several reasons: 1. I can read them super quickly, and could thus squeeze in a book or two between work and school, 2. Scribd kept recommending me a crapload of them after my romance

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Very quick reviews: August 2015

Continuing to play review catch up! Today I have four reviews: two fantasy books with wolves and GLBTQ elements, a m/m fantasy romance with a dragon!, and an epic scifi with aliens and uncomfortable threesomes.

Very quick reviews: July 2015

I’ve finished my first semester of library school! Which means I can get back to posting and hanging out on Twitter and reading as many books as I can cram onto my Kindle. First, though, I want to try and catch up on some reviews before the end of the year. Here’s what I didn’t

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Very quick reviews: May & June 2015

Loki: Agent of Asgard, Vol. 1: Trust Me – Al Ewing A Loki who wants redemption and who doesn’t look like the bottom of an old shoe? Awesome! On the other hand, very much read like a continuation of about three other series (because it is), and at least two issues crossed over with another

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Ancillary Sword by Ann Leckie

This was unexpected! And not in a good way. It felt like a very different book from Ancillary Justice, though the overall morality of the worldbuilding is the same. Unlike the first book, this one is set (mostly) all in one place, during one time period, with negligible character growth and no redemption arc/quest. It

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Crossing the Line by Karen Traviss

Lots of stuff from City of Pearl got carried over into this book, both thematically and character developmentally. For example, humans are still not special! And now they’ve invited an alien species to, like…visit? And that species looks like spiders and they’re way overpopulated and basically like the opposite of the Wess’har[1. who, btw, apparently

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The Philosopher Kings by Jo Walton

The Philosopher Kings gets off to a bad start, tbh. The Just City has separated into multiple cities, all with differing ideas about what Plato Really Meant, Aristotle-the-fly disappeared, Pallas Athene never came back, and worst of all Simmea, my favorite character from The Just City, dies. She’s murdered during an art raid. She’s dead!

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